Infant & Toddler Program

Our infant and toddler program is a warm and bright spot in the Center where each child may freely explore their environment. Our caring and attentive providers nurture the development of your child and carefully monitor each child’s milestones of development. Due to the small class size, individual attention is a surety. The pre-literacy unit in the curriculum is designed to help your child reach his/her full potential.

Infant and Toddler Classroom Hours:

Brandywine Location
6:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Waldorf Location
6:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Aftercare is until 6:30 PM

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Two-Year-Old, "Busy Bees"

The two-year-old class (better known as the “Busy Bees”) is a fascinating and spacious environment for development. The pre-literacy unit in the curriculum helps the children build their vocabulary and encourages them to use their words when expressing feelings. In addition to using the A Beka curriculum for academic growth, the children also have a wonderful time exploring their classroom environment under the watchful eyes of qualified providers.

  • Potty training assistance is available to all of the children who show signs of potty training readiness.

  • A hot lunch (additional cost) and two snacks (included in tuition) are available for each child.

  • The pre-geography unit helps the children recognize the many cultures and the pre-foreign language component helps the children with their literacy development.

  • The “Busy Bees” participate in computer exploration, as well as begin to identify letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. The two-year-olds learn how to share with their friends through organized cooperative activities, as well as monitored free play.

Learning Lions

The three-year-old, known as the “Learning Lions”, is filled to the brim with wonderful decorations that capture each child’s imagination. Our “Learning Lions” look forward to a day of;

  • Socializing

  • Computer exploration

  • Learning to identify upper and lower case letters and the sounds of each letter

  • Tracing and writing

  • Exploring musical instruments

  • Dancing

  • Painting

  • Learning to memorize poems and songs

  • Learning about other cultures in their pre-geography unit

Our “Learning Lions” also focus on a pre-reading approach

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Four-Year-Old, "Shining Stars"

The four-year-old class (pre-k), or “Shining Stars”, builds on prior knowledge acquired in the three-year-old class. Now, they are ready to take their knowledge further. Learning to identify vowels and how to put those letters with consonants to formulate words and sounds assists the students in their journey of learning to read.

During the monthly assemblies, the “Shining Stars” take pride in demonstrating their knowledge of classroom materials taught throughout the year. Even the most timid child enjoys the bright lights when they put on their monthly puppet shows. The end of the year concludes with a memorable promotional ceremony.

Registration Forms

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