We Put Children First

Providing Children With a Warm and Caring Environment and
The Best Possible Educational Stimulation

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World View Early Learning Center Philosophy

At World View Early Learning Center, we believe that the Center or child’s world should be a warm and caring environment where each child wants to be because he or she feels important. Our goal is to provide each child with the best possible care and educational stimulation included in a certified curriculum designed to enrich our children.

We believe that learning is a joyous experience because play is thought of as an enriching, educational time that is a natural extension of each child’s environment. We believe that “play is children’s work”, therefore, all endeavors of teaching are from an informal and relaxed perspective. The stress of rote learning will be avoided. Children are encouraged to “learn by doing”, ask questions, and experience/view the world through their own senses. Through play, a child learns to understand the world. Here at the Center, each child has the reinforcement of caring, patient, and competent teachers. A child learns to fully feel the love of learning.

Our teachers make learning joyful by providing experiences and setting the stage for learning. Our preschool teachers know that children learn the best through active engagement and we help children relate new experiences to what they already know, thereby broadening their areas of thinking.

As a child learns and grows, each begins to feel power. Loving, patient, and consistent caregivers encourage this independence but respect the fact that a child still feels the need for security. Through encouragement and praise, the child learns confidence. A primary goal at the center is the development of a healthy, happy, and confident self-image for each child.

We welcome parents to visit, observe, and/or participate at the center as often as possible. The Center is not a babysitting service, but a high-quality program that includes various experiences to meet each child’s cognitive, social, physical, and emotional needs. In the eight to ten hours a day that a child spends in the Center, he/she thinks of friends and teachers as part of their extended family, therefore, enriching a child’s own family life at home. The Center works together with parents as partners in the development and care of each child so that there is a consistency between child care and home practices. If your child has an IEP, please share it with the administration so that we can adequately assist your child in their development. We welcome all families regardless of special needs and/or abilities.

World View Early Learning Center is a place where adults are not afraid to let children be children and to help make the very best of their short childhood years. We will bring a view of the world into the classroom each day. Some of the views consist of animals, plants, music, occupations, families, toys, cultures, languages, letters, numbers, construction, museums, art, shapes, colors, scents, and much, much more! We welcome all children regardless of special needs. We have the experience & skills to deal with children at all development levels.

We thank you for entrusting your child(ren) to our care. We are confident that you have made an excellent choice!