The three-year-old classroom is filled to the brim with wonderful decorations that capture each child’s imagination. Better known as the “High Achievers”, the three year-old students look forward to a day of;


-computer exploration

-learning to identify upper and lower case letters and the sounds of each letter

-tracing and writing

-exploring musical instruments



-learning to memorize poems and songs

-learning about other cultures in their Pre-Geography unit.

The three-year-old children focus on a pre-reading approach

The four-year-old class (pre-k), or “The Learning Lions”, builds on prior knowledge acquired in the three-year-old class. Now, they are ready to take their knowledge further. Learning to identify vowels and how to put those letters with consonants to formulate words and sounds assist the students in their journey of learning to read. 

During the monthly assemblies, the “Learning Lions” take pride in demonstrating their knowledge of classroom materials taught throughout the year. Even the most timid child enjoys the bright lights when they put on their monthly puppet shows. The end of the year concludes with a memorable promotional ceremony.

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